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The ionix Central Login System (ioCLS), is used on all ionix web sites including Locked-Area.com, OpenCrypt.com and DirectoryPass.com. The idea for the system is to streamline our customers experience, enabling customers to access all of our products and services with one membership account, therefore removing the necessity to register multiple accounts to access our products.

Features and Benefits

    1. my.Locked-Area.com member's area; free Locked Area Lite downloads, support, resources, forum and documentation.
    2. my.DirectoryPass.com member's area; free support, resources, forum and documentation.
    3. my.OpenCrypt.com member's area; free resources, forum and documentation.
    4. my.htaccess-guide.com; content management system.
    5. ionix Affiliate Program.

Additional functionality available at additional cost:
    1. Locked Area Pro downloads and support.
    2. OpenCrypt downloads, support, training and installation.
    3. OpenCrypt software hosting services.
    4. OpenCrypt software backup and monitoring solutions.

Security and Privacy

All data collected by our servers and organisation is stored in accordance with the UK Data Protection ACT. We will not share your personal data including your email address with any third-party organisations and access to this data is limited to only the upper levels of staff within our company. We take your privacy and security very seriously!

Whenever highly confidential data is being collected, such as credit card information, the system will transmit this data via secure connections. You can verify your connection is secure by checking for the 'pad-lock' icon in your web browser, when selected the browser should provide information regarding our 128-bit SSL certificate and will verify that your connection to our servers is secure. In the case of PayPal payments, the secure connection is handled by PayPal.com and is one of the most secure available on the Internet.

We maintain mailing lists and newsletters to keep customers up-to-date with developments, all mailing lists are entirely optional and users may un-subscribe at anytime. Details of how to do so are included in all mailings sent by our organisation.

Any account held with us can be removed at any time, the only clause being that OpenCrypt users must maintain a registered license with us, cancellation of an OpenCrypt membership would constitute cancellation of the license and software usage. In accordance with UK law we also reserve the right to maintain records regarding any customer who has paid us for services rendered.

Technical Information

The ionix Central Login System uses our OpenCrypt membership management software, it is not particularly complex and in fact uses a near-standard version of the software. We maintain four installations of OpenCrypt, three software front-ends on the various web sites (Locked-Area.com, OpenCrypt.com and DirectoryPass.com), all of which utilise the same centralised database. Each installation of the front-end is configured differently, as you can see by viewing our web site network, DirectoryPass.com merely requires an email address input to register, whereas OpenCrypt.com requests more detailed user information. All information is stored in the same database, and for example if a DirectoryPass.com user decides to purchase OpenCrypt, any missing data is automatically requested.

We then have one centralised installation of the OpenCrypt administration system which enables us to manage not just the users for all three web sites, but also the vast majority of the content on the web site and various features and facilities such as the helpdesk systems.

The system also enables users to move between web sites and we are able to track their session across all of our web sites (even when the login prompt isn't present) which enables us to build more detailed statistical data, and ultimately design a more usable web site.

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